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Lolita Bbs

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 23:47:36 -0400 (EDT)From: James Freemantle Subject: Dont Play Games You Cant Win 11David was telling his brother and Billy that he had something specialplanned for them tonight. David looked at him and said, "Tonight you'll getthe chance to catch up with the number of dicks Clay and I were made tosuck. He said, "Billy, I called your buddies, the ones that you let Claysuck. They are going to meet me at the beach. I told them I had a coupleof friends that needed special attention." Billy panicked again and startedshaking his head and yelling, "No, I'm not going. No, no, no."I could see that both Billy and William now were scared as we neared thebeach to meet Billy's friends. David laughed and placed a paper bag overBilly's and William's head. He told them that they would be bound for thenight. They would be stripped and Billy's friends had agreed to use themand break them in. I could hear a whimper as David said, "They have agreedto keep the bags on you, as long as you submit to them. They will not knowwho you are." We pulled up to a secluded section next to another car. Wegot out and helped the two naked teens out of our car. I watched as Billyand William were shoved into the back seat. The driver looked at us andsaid, "We will be back." He said that they would meet us later.We waited for the guys to return but they never showed. We drove aroundlooking for them. About a mile down the road we spotted their car pulledoff into the dunes and David pulled up beside the car and cut off themotor. He turned to me and said, "Let's look for them." I asked, "What doyou think they are you doing to Billy and Lolita Bbs William?" He said he hoped theywould fill them with cum since they don't even know who they are using. Hesaid, "They would shit if they knew who they have."We headed over the dunes and walked until we spotted them sitting around amake shift camp. I spotted Billy and William. There was a large tree thathad a large limb growing out toward the beach. Both were bent over the limband I could see that their hands were now tied to their ankles. The bagswere sill covering their faces and I could see their butts were sticking upin the air. David laughed at the display of his brother and Billy. Davidwalked around the limb and knelt down to talk to William. He asked if hewas OK. William said he was scared shitless and he asked what they weregoing to do to him.By this time I was getting an idea of what was going to happen. I heard,"Now, I want some butt." There was Billy and William bare assed naked withtheir butt up in the air bent over. For some reason, the sight and thethought of what was going to happen to them began to make my cock rise andfill with blood. I heard the comment, "Perfect for fucking." I knew whatthey had in mind. I was afraid for the two high school seniors. Fuckingwas something none of us had experienced.One of Billy's friends stuck his cock through a hole in the bag towardBilly's mouth. Billy was crying loudly. While this was going on the otherthree friends were completely naked. They were all getting hard and thissight Lolita Bbs made me even harder. David said, "I guess the funs about to start."I heard, "I think I want some Lolita Bbs head from these cock suckers before I plowtheir ass." I heard Billy whimper again before he began to sob. Williamdid not make any noise. I looked at him and I could see that his cock washard. David said, "Go for it." He then moved closer to get a better viewand I joined him. Billy's crying was soon muffled as a cock was forceddown his throat. I heard the gagging and muffled crying as the cock pumpedin Lolita Bbs and out. I saw that Billy was sporting a boner. I looked over asWilliam began to suck on one of the others.Hands felt the asses of Billy and William and fingers explored their holes.Both boys were moaning and wiggling their butts to prevent penetration. Ilooked down at my cock and it was steel tight as I watched as first one,then two, and then three fingers entered Billy and William's shit holes. Iwatched as two teens positioned themselves behind William and Billy. Isaid "I wish we didn't have the bags on them as I would like to see thelook on their faces as they are entered for the first time."The naked teen behind William took aim and rammed his swollen cocks all theway into him. William's screams were loud as the pain and realism hit him.The evader just stood there with his cock fully embedded in Williams, nolonger, virgin asshole. I thought he was just letting him get use to thestretching as he began to slowly pull out and shove back in. William beganto whimper.I was stroking my cock and I was getting close to shooting. David Lolita Bbs asked meif I was OK and I told him I was horned as hell and ready to shoot. I satand watched as a second teen drove his dick into Billy's ass. Billy did notscream as William had. I think the dick in his mouth kept his criesdown. It was just a few minutes until Billy's friend unloaded intoWilliam's ass. As he pulled out I could see the overflow dripping out ofhis holes.David got up and said, "Well, I've got to try some corn holing." Soon hewas fucking his brother's ass as a second teen was forcing his large dickinto Billy. Both boys were moaning and begging for them to stop. I wasgetting turned on again. Dave looked at my cock and told me that he wouldsoon be finished I should try the tight hole.David did not take long to add his load to Williams's ass. He moved infront of William and told him to lick him clean and I watched his brotherstick his tongue through the bag and start to lick David's cock clean. WhenBilly's friends finished dropping many loads they dressed and they left. Iwent over and removed the bags. I noticed that Billy and William were stillsporting boners. I got back behind William and waited. It was kind ofstrange as my cock slid into David's older brother. At first when I fuckedhim, William was quiet.Then he said, "God, your dick hurts and this is uncomfortable. How muchlonger do we have to do this? I think my arms are dead. Can't you untieme?" Billy watched me get off on fucking his friend up the ass. Billy brokethe silence, "You going to let us free now. We have done more than you hadto do? I've sucked everyone's dick and I've been corn holed over and over.I want to be let loose so I can beat my meat, Lolita Bbs I'm boned. My stomach is rawfrom being tied to this limb and I'm uncomfortable and tired of being bentover like this."
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